Mar 9, 2014

Artemisia ludoviciana (Owyhee) Plant Discovered At State Fair In Alaska

While living in California I was introduced to the essential oil Artemisia ludoviciana (Owyhee) by Jeanne Rose. Years later I moved to Idaho and tried to locate the plant in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. I would come across foliage that looked similar to pictures in identification books but was never sure if the ones I found were the true plant.

Now living in Alaska, I attended the State Fair last summer and was admiring plants and herbs in a garden exhibit. I could not believe my eyes as I read the sign. There was the plant. Of all places!  I still have the bottle of essential oil which was distilled in Oregon many years ago. 

Here is an interesting article by one of my teachers, Jeanne Rose, that provides information and history of the plant and its essential oil.